Red-shouldered Hawk near Tygh Valley

While looking unsuccessfully for Lapland Longspurs near Tygh Valley, I found this Red-shouldered Hawk just outside Tygh Valley.

Red-shouldered Hawk near Tygh Valley

This Mew Gull was on the Wasco side of Deschutes River State Park.

Mew Gull at Heretage Landing, Wasco Co


Ghana! (November 9-23, 2018)

Just back from a 2 week Rockjumper Budget trip to Ghana. Trip report and pix are below. Enjoy!

Blue-moustached Bee-eater at Atewa Forest

Blue-breasted Flycatcher at Ankasa

Senegal Parrot at Erata Hotel


Trip report:–djGH2eMJWLYdy8Duqzz3C3no2dak/edit?usp=sharing