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NH over Labor Day 2015

Posted by birdmeister on September 10, 2015

This year’s Labor Day trip was NH and a little bit of MA (Plum Island aka Parker River NWR). Birding was on the slow side, nevertheless enjoyable. The best day was Saturday when NH Coast wizards Steve and Jane Mirick gave me the grand tour of their local patch. Highlights included Great Cormorant, Black Guillemot, Yellow-crowned Night-heron, Upland Sandpiper, Western and White-rumped Sandpiper.

The following are pictures from a morning at Mt. Kearsarge northwest of Concord (1-4). Bird 5 came from the coast. Can you id them?

Bird 1


Bird 2:

096A1434 096A1439 096A1450 096A1452

Bird 3


Bird 4


Bird 5: Odiorne Point SP. Are they really all the same species?


This Common Eider is of course easy to id …


The posture of this Red-breasted Nuthatch is so classic that I couldn’t resist uploading this picture. Too bad that he was in the shade.


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Apache Goshawk! (AZ trip, 8/7-9/2015)

Posted by birdmeister on August 11, 2015

Another glorious rain-season trip! There’s just something special about the monsoon. Of course, I got completely soaked again …

Highlights were a 2 young apache Northern Goshawks (boy, are these monsters!!), the long-staying Tufted Flycatchers at Ramsey Canyon, Band-tailed Pigeons in upper Carr Canyon, a Black-capped Gnatcatcher nest with 3 young at the parking lot of Florida Canyon (thanks and good to see you, Jake!), Lucifer Hummingbirds at Ash Canyon and 2 active Northern Beardless-Tyrannulets at Florida Canyon.



Lucifer Hummingbirds are pretty easy at the Ash Canyon B&B this time of the year. Mary Jo’s feeders are always a highlight of a trip to the Huachucas.



This was a general purpose trip, so I was pleasantly surprised that the Tufted Flycatcher at Upper Ramsey Canyon are still hanging around. Someone pointed out the nest to me. The birds were a 200 yards lower down in the canyon and we only found these birds by recognizing their call.



Maybe the highlight was the apache Northern Goshawk juveniles near the intersection of the Hamburg and Comfort Spring trails.



This particular bird (I suspect a female) was enormous. I would estimate its length to be around 30in! Eagle sized. The apache subspecies of Northern Goshawk is the largest which is kind of counter to Bergmann’s rule which states that species in warmer climates are typically on the smaller side. Its sibling was not far off. These birds could be heard for 2+ hours almost constantly. Their call is somewhat like a high-pitch Red-tailed Hawk.


A special bird for this time of the year is the Varied Bunting which is still singing hard. Lazuli and Indigo Bunting were not far up the trail at Florida Canyon.



A big bonus of this time of the year is that Botteri’s, Cassin’s and Rufous-winged Sparrows are all singing well. A good spot for all 3 is lower Madera Canyon. This Botteri’s (note the large bill!) was at near Ramsey Canyon & Brown Canyon Rd close to Sierra Vista.

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Can you id this conifer?

Posted by birdmeister on July 31, 2015

This was maybe about 20mi east of Yreka in the Siskiyous at around 5000ft. That’s the only picture I have. Do you have any idea?


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An update for my quest to get to 100/county in CA

Posted by birdmeister on July 20, 2015

I worked Siskiyou Co this weekend, spending most of my time at the Lower Klamath refuges. It has fallen. My first visit to Modoc yielded 65, but I only spent time in the Tulelake area. Without the Warner Mountains, I will never make it. ;-)

I’m now done with 32 counties, leaving me with 26 to go. It’ll be a long journey, but that’s ok. I’m still looking to be the first one to reach 100/county for OR (done), WA (done) and CA.

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Okanogan over July 4th 2015

Posted by birdmeister on July 7, 2015

Casey Cunningham and I headed over to the Okanogan over July 4th. It was one of my slowest summer trips up there and the first time ever that I missed Three-toed Woodpecker in summer. Pine Grosbeak is also a bird that I typically get. Birding at higher elevation which is normally slow already was particularly miserable this year.

It felt like this trip over July 4th is simply 1-2 weeks too late. Birds are not singing much any more. Lowland birding is done by about 10am. This year the situation was probably accelerated by the hot temperatures. Night time lows were higher than I’ve ever seen them. Near Sun Lakes resort in the Grand Coulee, we woke up to 82F at 5am.

Maybe the birdiest spot of our trip was Nespelem Friday morning. We were treated to nice looks at an American Redstart, heard a Northern Waterthrush and at least 2 Red-eyed Vireos. Veeries were also very vocal and perching up. A smallish bear was crossing the road nearby. Near the intersection Park City Loop Rd and 155 we found a singing Grasshopper Sparrow, a new spot for the species for me.

Along Conconully Rd we flushed a Gray Partridge from the side of the road affording excellent looks at its “fanned” tail.

We then headed up to Salmon Meadows and completed the loop via Lone Frank Pass, Freezeout Pass, Roger Lake and Baldy Pass and back to Conconully. We found none of our targets, maybe with exception of several singing Lincoln’s Sparrows and a Sora ar Roger Lake. Conconully Reservoir had 2 Barrow’s Goldeneyes and a pair of Red-necked Grebes.

On Saturday morning, we briefly saw a Least Flycatcher at the Ellisforde bridge, a traditional location for this species. The bird seemed to be loitering about an active Willow Flycatcher nest.

Along Nine Mile Rd east of Oroville, we found lots of really good birds: At the rosehip cluster at MP1.9 we found many calling Gray Partridges (!) and several Lewis’s Woodpeckers. A more-heard-than-seen Clay-colored Sparrow was at MP4, as well as a Black-chinned Hummingbird (hmmm …) on the wire there. Near the Circle Rd intersection on the way back out were 2-3 Sage Thrashers and 2 calling Gray Flycatchers, both really nice birds this close to the BC border.

A Turkey mom with 3 little chicks was along Eastside-Oroville Rd.

The Siwash Creek/Fancher Dam/Havilah Rd Bobolinks continue east of Tonasket.

We then headed up to Cold Springs CG off Toats Coulee Rd. There were no birds of any kind really, except for a flushed Dusky Grouse at the open picnic area at the end of the road. A fresh, large pile of bear scat on the way down C1000 caused some excitement.

At Iron Gate we fared no better until our way out when we found a pair of calling Boreal Chicadees close to the midpoint of the slow drive out (about MP3.5 starting from Toats Coulee Rd). A little later we enjoyed a Dusky Grouse in a short conifer in more open habitat (about 2.3mi from Touts Coulee Rd). The bird was very calm and we were able to watch it for several minutes until it lost interest.

BorealChickadee1 DuskyGrouse

3 family units of Chukar were on the road at the Lewis’s Woodpecker site at the base of Toats Coulee Rd just outside Loomis. The Lewis’s Woodpeckers are of course still present in good numbers.

Finally, on Sunday, we made our way up Harts Pass. The most interesting sighting were 2 Snowshoe Hares, an unidentified swift and singing Fox Sparrows, but we got none of our harder targets. Another highlight were the pastries at the Mazama Store. Not even the White-throated Swifts at Chelan Falls showed up for us on our drive back.

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Mt Rainier ptarmigan (06/27-28/2015)

Posted by birdmeister on June 29, 2015

ptarmigan1 ptarmigan2


These beauties were near the confluence of the Golden Gate and Skyline trail uphill from Paradise June 27. First time I even looked for them this early. A fly-by Gray-crowned Rosy-finch was also noted.

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