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Yukon and BC: Trip report and pictures

Posted by birdmeister on July 17, 2016

After about 5 weeks and roughly 6000mi on the road, I have now returned back home. My trip took me up north through the Peace River region of BC into the Yukon. Then Whitehorse and Dawson Creek; and finally I drove into the Dempster Hwy almost 500km into the Northwest Territories before turning back. On the way back south through BC I took the Cassiar-Stewart, making an important stop near Hyder, AK, to see the Salmon Glacier. I saw 231 species of birds and some nice mammals too. Of course, there were some misses too, but overall I had a blast. It was a trip of a lifetime.


Trip report: (this is a long one, but does have the species list at the end)



Grizzly Bear near Tetsa River, BC


Northern Hawk-Owl along 97 near Prophet River, BC


Willow Ptarmigan near Salmon Glacier, BC.


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Yukon/BC trip

Posted by birdmeister on June 30, 2016

I’m in my forth week touring British Columbia and the Yukon. The Peace River area with all its Eastern specialties was awesome, even though it rained a lot. Connecticut, Mourning, Canada, Bay-breasted and Cape May Warbler are all in the bag. It was fun to relearn the eastern songs.

Between Watson Lake and Dawson City, birding is on the slow side. I drove 490km into the Dempster Hwy, turning around in the Northern Richardson Mountains, north of the Arctic Circle and, notably, in the Northwest Territories. The Blackstone Uplands was one big disappointment, the Richardson Mountains were good though.

I’m now slowly working my way back, coming down 37. I may check out the Salmon Glacier near Hyder, AK. Not sure yet …

This American Golden-Plover is NOT from the Dempster, but from Keno Hill.



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Finland trip (May 16-22, 2016)

Posted by birdmeister on May 27, 2016

I was able to spend a week in Northern Finland targeting mainly owls and grouse. Temps were in the 50s for high and there was still some snow in the ditches or piles in the towns.


There was plenty of scenery …


And birds … This flying-mad Capercailie came waaaaay too close …


Now, what are we seeing here? Pigeons, right? Let’s look closer …

BandOfGypsies - CloseLook

Ruffs! In all shapes and forms!! Whoa!

Trip report:


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Belts Rd sparrows (Linn Co, 05/07/16)

Posted by birdmeister on May 7, 2016

Grasshopper Sparrows aren’t present every year at Belts Rd. This time I heard 3 singers.


Vesper Sparrow is also unusual for the location, but it seems like a couple of pairs are present every year.


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Red-naped Sapsucker in Washington Co (04/09/16)

Posted by birdmeister on April 21, 2016

This beauty was discovered by X at their home somewhere in Washington Co. Thanks X, you know you you are!!!




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A nice day around Tucson (04/16/16)

Posted by birdmeister on April 20, 2016

I had a day to play around Tucson, so I decided to do Catalina State Park in the morning and then work my way up Mt Lemmon. The wind started kicking in and by the time I finished the area was unbirdeable.


This Buff-breasted Flycatcher was one of a pair I found in Rose Canyon.


A stately Canyon Towhee at Catalina SP


Costa’s Hummingbird at Catalina SP


Grace’s Warbler at Middle Bear

GreaterPewee GreaterPewee2

Greater Pewee at Rose Canyon


Hutton’s Vireo, also Rose Canyon


I had to work hard to get this shot of a male Olive Warbler at Rose Canyon

RufousWingedSparrow RufousWingedSparrow4

Rufous-winged Sparrows at Catalina SP


An oblivious Yellow-eyed Junco near Summerhaven


Finally, 2 days later near V Bar V (Sedona), a Common Black Hawk made a couple of appearances. Nice!

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