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Tualco Loop Rd Black-headed Gull (Snohomish Co, WA, 2/6/14)

Posted by birdmeister on February 7, 2016

I finally caught up with a Black-headed Gull in Washington State. It was my 3rd attempt for this species in WA. The location was just north of Crescent Lake WMA along Tualco Loop Rd (also later along Frohning Rd) in Snohomish Co.


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A January American Bittern at Fernhill Wetlands (01/10/16)

Posted by birdmeister on January 14, 2016

An American Bittern was fully out in the open at Fernhill Wetlands this last Saturday. The lighting was great too. Gotta love it! This bird is a rare winter bird for Washington Co.

Bittern1 Bittern2

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Siberian Accentor in Surrey, BC (01/19/2016)

Posted by birdmeister on January 10, 2016

Long having been a target on my most-wanted list, I was thrilled to hear of this great find in Surrey, BC, from a few days ago. The location is south of 160 St & Colebrook Rd on the north edge of the blueberry field (49.097899, -122.778919).

With the strong photographer presence today, I’m sure there are better shots of da burd floating around. Anyway, here is mine.


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Christmas in the Okanogan 2015

Posted by birdmeister on December 29, 2015

As usual, I spent X-mas in the Okanogan. I love the solitude over X-mas. No people, great birding, never hard to get a motel everywhere you want with no reservation.

There was lots of snow and it was cold which bodes well for great birding.

CommonRedpoll GrayCrownedRosyFinch

Common Redpoll and Gray-crowned Rosy-finches were present in good numbers.


Saw a total of 8 Northern Pygmy-Owls (6 in the highlands).


This Northern Sawwhet-Owl was moderately interested in me.

PineGrosbeak1 PineGrosbeak2 PineGrosbeak3 PineGrosbeak4

The Pine Grosbeak show took place in the town of Republic. I pretty much didn’t see any birds anywhere outside of town.


Now, where is the front and where is the back of this Porcupine???


I normally don’t spend a lot of time getting pix of Roughies. This one stuck though; they often don’t.


Mood shot from the Waterville Plateau …


White-winged Crossbills are ALWAYS a highlight! Love ’em!!!

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Belize, Thanksgiving Week 2015

Posted by birdmeister on December 5, 2015

Just back from a wonderful week in Belize with a 4-night stay at Lamanai Outpost and 3 nights at Black Rock Lodge.

I saw 211 species overall. The highlights were Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Royal Flycatcher, Orange-breasted Falcon, Tody Motmot and Chestnut-colored Woodpecker.

Royal Flycatcher

“Can you fan it, please? Just once! Please!!!” – Royal Flycatcher


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A successful North Coast trip (11/15/2015)

Posted by birdmeister on November 16, 2015

Dickcissel and Northern Mockingbird At Bayocean, Common Ground Dove and White-throated Sparrow at Wireless Rd. All capped off by a Palm Warbler at Seaside STP at the end of the day. It was a good day!


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