On tour with Brodie in Wasco. We found the following …

Ochre Ringlet near Rock Creek Reservoir 

Sabine’s Gull at Riverfront Park in The Dalles

Female Shadow Darner near Rock Creek Reservoir

Shadow Darner near Rock Creek Reservoir

Lesser Black-backed Gull in The Dalles


Emma Jones goodies: Mylitta Crescent and California Spreadwing

My hope today was to finally run into a California Spreadwing at Emma Jones Wildlife Area in Hillsboro. I found 3-4! Nice!

California Spreadwing at Emma Jones

Also around were a Woodland Skipper and Mylitta Crescent.

Mylitta Crescent at Emma Jones

Green Herons are still present, as are the resident Acorn Woodpecker and Cinnamon Teal. Yes, Cinnamon Teal have been wintering in the park for 10 years.

Another monsoon AZ trip (July 28 – Aug 4, 2018)

Randy and I lead a small group of 6 to Southeast AZ. Highlights are too numerous to list, we ended up with 185 species in a week and had a blast. Black-capped Gnatcatcher, Rose-throated Becard, Five-striped Sparrow, Fulvous Whistling-Duck and the like …

Lucifer Hummimgbird at Ash Canyon B&B

Molting Mississippi Kite in St. David

Thick-billed Kingbird at Patagonia Roadside Area

Immature Zone-tailed Hawk at Carr Canyon

Black-capped Gnatcatcher at Florida Canyon

Five-striped Sparrow at Montosa Canyon

Flame Skimmer at Paton’s in Patagonia

Trip report is here. Pix.

Feel free to ask me questions …

Some recent trips of mine (Alberta, Greece and Germany)

Pennent-winged Ant-lion, Northern Greece

Over a stretch of 6 weeks (April 28 – June 14) I led 2 Greece trips and 2 Alberta trips for different folks/organizations. Each of those trips was great, with its own set of special highlights. Here are some links to pictures and trip reports. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions …

Rose-colored Starling at Evros visitor center

First the pix:

Greece Alberta Germany

Pygmy Cormorant at Lake Kerkini

Then some of the trip reports:

Greece 1  Greece 2  Alberta 1  Alberta 2

Mourning Warbler at Sir Winston Churchill PP

Blackburnian Warbler at Long Lake PP

Boreal Whiteface at Cold Lake PP

Connecticut Warbler at Long Lake PP