More picture from the Hoover Wilderness


Dunderberg Peak in the distance


¬†Virginia Canyon (some call this boring …)


These patches are visible from a mile away.


Summit Lake from just a few minutes above.


There are a few nice campsites on the west end of Summit Lake. Whitebark Pine, ahhh!


Where is your dog, sir?

Here a short report about a trip to the Eastern Sierra, not really involving a lot of birds. My original goal was to climb White Mtn on Sunday and then do a 1-night/2-day backpack near Bridgeport.

As I was trying to find my way along the dirt roads to the shore of Crowley Lake, I hit a razor blade. This is redneck country after all! After changing the busted tire, I rolled into Bishop late Saturday evening. No White Mountains after all. As luck would have it, there is a Bridgestone/Firestone tire place in town, open on Sundays. So, I stayed overnight at Millpond county park in Bishop drinking beer with the locals. Next morning, I stopped by the tire place and was told they were out of tires for such an uncommon car such as mine – a Corolla isn’t exactly what the locals drive in Bishop. Also, the tire could not be repaired. Touch luck!

So, off I was, headed north towards Bridgeport, going 50mph on my donut. At the ranger station in Bridgeport, I was hooked up with a great itinerary for a 2-night backpack out of Virginia Lakes in the Hoover Wilderness. I spent most of the 2.5 days above 10,000ft. Apart from the slurred speach, coughed up blood and impaired vision, I had a great time. Just kidding – but I did have headaches through-out. Also, I lost a contact lens (which is still a puzzle to me), so there was some impaired vision after all. Wearing regular glasses (which I had) is not good idea at that elevation because of the brightness of the sun. The highlight was a four-hour scramble up and down Camaica Peak with the prize being Rosy-Finches on top. Interesting is that dogs are allowed in all CA wildernesses and almost all parties had at least one dog with them. I felt strangely out of place, reminded of an old Gary Larson cartoon (where you see an auditorium of folks every one with a – duck – sitting on their laps, well except for one person and the spotlight is on him. The caption says: Where is your duck, sir? or something like that). After returning back to the parking lot, I rolled north into NV. The stress that I inflicted on about 20 drivers within those 3 hours, going 50mph on a 65mph highway with only few passing lanes, is beyond good and evil. I saw the proverbial finger a few times …When I finally arrived at the outskirts of civilization near Gardnerville and pulled into the tire shop (Les Schwab), I was beat myself. The tire was replaced for free and people were actually nice (ahh, almost forgot, this was no longer CA). They sent me off with the words “May the lord be with you! These tires there [referring to the remaining 3 and one that had blown out] are the worst that were ever on the market. They were only out there for a month. An absolute lemon!” – I guess I missed the recall of the great Formoza …

Here a short list of birds I encounted throughout the weekend:

– Prairie Falcon nabbing a blackbird (I think) early morning at Millpond County Park near Bishop
– 8 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches on the summit of Camaica Peak
– 2 Marbled Godwits on the south end of Topaz Lake (uncommon on Mono Co)
– About 40 Pinyon Jays just north of the CA-NV state line along US395.
– 1 juvenile Black-throated Sparrow at Talloc Point near South Lake Tahoe (good bird for the area)
Gilman Lake

This is Gilman Lake (el 9400) at sunset.


Summit Lake from Camiaca Peak (el 11700) at midday.


And, yeah, it was quite a scramble …