Salton Sea (12/24-25/2006)

Long-billed Savannah Sparrow

 This is a Large-billed Savannah Sparrow from the Red Hill Marina (Salton Sea)

Large-billed Savannah Sparrow 2

The wintering Gray Flycatcher at Cattle Call Park in Brawley

Gray Flycatcher

A spooked Borrowing Owl just north of Red Hill Marina (Salton Sea)

Burrowing Owl

And, finally, a “Peregrine” Falcon. Hmmm. Make that a Prairie Falcon …

Imm. Prairie Falcon

And a Spague’s Pipit just SW of Sinclair and Hwy 111 (also Salton Sea)

Sprague’s Pipit

Other high and lowlights (overall more low …) :

– No Solitary Sandpiper (didn’t know where to look), yet the Rough-legged Hawk was near Drew & Diehl

– No Ruddy Ground-Doves at Eddins & Sperry, but a Clay-colored Sparrow.

– No Lesser Black-backed and Yellow-footed Gulls at Red Hill. A Western Gull was a Obsidian Butte.

– Crissal Thrasher just 0.3mi down the entrance road to Ramer/Finney Lakes WA.

– Wister Unit had a male American Redstart. No Mountain Plovers were in the fields east of the Calipatria prison.


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