Elegant Terns (Waldport) and Red Crossbills (Yachats), OR, 07/19/08

I started the day in Florence this morning and dipped on the Elegant Terns at the North Jetty of the Siuslaw River, trying at 8:30am and at around noon. In between, I headed down to Siltcoos Recreation Area where 2 SNOWY PLOWERS were about 250yds south of the parking area at the of the access road about 7.5mi south of Florence.
Making my way north, I stopped over in Yachats where I had crippling looks of a several Red Crossbills (there actually was a flock of about 15 with lots of juvies) at/near a feeder at 6th & Ocean View Dr. A flock of White-winged and Surf Scoters was just offshore, as well as a raft of Western Grebes.
In Waldport I struck gold: There were 17 ELEGANT TERNS at the north end of the inlet to Alsea Bay. These birds were feeding actively in the bay, and calling. You can get to this spot by turning off 101 at Bayshore Dr just north of the bridge. Then park at the southern tip of Oceania Dr. Governor Patterson SP had 3 Whimbrels on the beach.
Finally, at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, I found 2 Purple Martins (are there any nestboxes/gourds in the area? If yes, where?), a Marbled Godwit, 3 Western Sandpipers and 2 more Whimbrels.
It was a good day.

A punk bird.

Here the horrible Elegant Tern pix from Alsea Bay. The stiff 25mph breeze didn’t help. Also, there is law that you aren’t supposed to be closer than 150ft to a seal colony (at least that’s what I heard) …


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