American Redstart near work, Hillsboro, OR (09/01/09)

Earlier over lunch today I found an AMERICAN REDSTART at the Natural Area at the NW corner of the Intel Jones Farm campus west of the Hillsboro airport. Park at the little neighborhood park (Glencoe Creek Park aka Jones Farm Park) at the NW corner of Prahl Pkwy & NW 15th Ave and walk to the fence an the northern edge of the park. There is a little gate at the western end of the fence. Pass through the gate and walk west along the dirt 2-track. The bird was near the gate along the 2-track originally when I found it, but then moved about 80yds further west about 30min ago.  This looks like a young male to me; the upper parts of this bird were darker than I’ve ever seen them on a female. Please chime in with your opinion.

There is a sign at the gate to the Natural Area requiring to call Hillsboro Parks for permission to access. Well, I called the number on the sign and access has been granted. It is public land, just be careful since there are no maintained trails and lots of yellowjackets.




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