A miserable pelagic (09/19/09)

Coming back from a sub-par pelagic out of Westport, WA, I pulled into Fernhill Wetlands and soon discovered that there was a Sabine’s Gull in the middle pond.




Ok, back to the pelagic, which was sub-par to start with. Being on a high dosage of ibuprofen right now to combat an injury, my stomach was upset even before getting on the boat, was even more so while on the boat and still is, so much so that I had to abandon my nightly run tonight, one day after the pelagic. The morale of the story is: Don’t go if you aren’t 100%, or you will be miserable.

On the way to the motel, I stopped by the Tokeland Marina, but failed to find the Bar-tailed Godwit in the crowd of Marbleds. Oddly, Willet was the only tick on any list while being in WA state. It was my year list.


Here a close Marbled Godwit posing for a shot.


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