Id’ing a winter-plumaged Chipping Sparrow, also E. E. Wilson (02/20/10)

At E.E. Wilson WA, we missed Rich’s Swamp Sparrow(s), yet there briefly was a Northern Shrike at the same spot. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was again very low in its tree near the headquarter building on the north side of Camp Adair Rd. A winter-plumaged Chipping Sparrow was working the chicken pens. Otherwise, it was pretty quiet.

Now, why is this a Chipping and not a Clay-colored or Brewer’s Sparrow? The black lore connecting the eye and the bill uniquely makes this a Chippy.

At the first left turn a few miles into Airly Rd (from 99W), we found a large flock of swans, most of which seemed to be the Trumpeters.

The boardwalk at Jackson-Frazier Wetland held an obliging Red-breasted Sapsucker and a few Purple Finches.

Finally, along the Woodland Trail at the Peavy Arboretum there was a Northern Pygmy-Owl late afternoon.


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