A trip to Hood River Co, part 4: Dusky Flycatcher (OR, 05/09/10)

This Dusky Flycatcher was in appropriate habitat along Elder Rd (just where it seems to turn east for good towards Wasco Co). The following pictures aren’t particularly sharp though.


An evening at Johnson Rd (05/06/10, near Vernonia, OR)

This evening I ventured out to Johnson Rd after work. Lots of birds and great looks.

Lots of Black-throated Grays everywhere.

This Gray Jay was very interested in my Pygmy-Owl imitation.

A few of these spectacular birds were at various locations. The grove at the end of the road is the easiest (lowest) breeding location of Hermit Warbler that I am aware of – great for a picture.

Another fresh arrival is this House Wren.

One of the easiest warbler to see and hard is the Orange-crowned Warbler. No orange crown visible on this bird.

I bet you don’t have a picture of a Purple Finch with a fruit across its bill. :-)