A trip to Hood River Co, part 4: Dusky Flycatcher (OR, 05/09/10)

This Dusky Flycatcher was in appropriate habitat along Elder Rd (just where it seems to turn east for good towards Wasco Co). The following pictures aren’t particularly sharp though.


A trip to Hood River Co, part 3: Northern Pygmy-Owl (OR, 05/09/10)

I was incredibly lucky to see 3 Northern Pygmy-Owls from 15ft or less. 2 more were further away. 3 out of 5 also were in oak dominated habitat. My first bird along Old Dalles Rd practically landed on my head.

This a second bird, along Elder Rd.

I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at the talons of a bird straight up from where I stood.

An evening at Johnson Rd (05/06/10, near Vernonia, OR)

This evening I ventured out to Johnson Rd after work. Lots of birds and great looks.

Lots of Black-throated Grays everywhere.

This Gray Jay was very interested in my Pygmy-Owl imitation.

A few of these spectacular birds were at various locations. The grove at the end of the road is the easiest (lowest) breeding location of Hermit Warbler that I am aware of – great for a picture.

Another fresh arrival is this House Wren.

One of the easiest warbler to see and hard is the Orange-crowned Warbler. No orange crown visible on this bird.

I bet you don’t have a picture of a Purple Finch with a fruit across its bill. :-)