Various gulls and a Ruddy Turnstone (OR, 02/20/11)

This continuing Ruddy Turnstone can be seen at the Pacific Oyster Company in Bay City.

The following 9 pictures (also see part 2) are a series of gull pictures taken at Westmoreland Park last weekend.

The bird below looks real good for a 1st cycle Thayer’s Gull.

The bird below is a real pigeon. Another 1st year Thayer’s Gull. Note how small the bill is. It is looks much more worn compared to the bill of the bird above with the clearly defined gonys.

This one is an adult Herring Gull.

Now what do we have here? The bill is massive. Dusky eyes. A 3rd cycle bird as shown by the black tail-band. It seems like that the mantle is too dark to consider a Herring x Glaucous-winged Hybrid. Is there Herring in it or is this just an Olympic Gull?


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