Mostly northern Lake Co, OR (4/2-4/3/2011)

I really had to get away. It had been a bad week. Another bad one to come …

I decided to do the long haul to see my first Greater Sage Grouse in several years. It was 11F this morning just before sunrise at the lek NE of Ft. Rock, OR, but the 57 Sage Grouse didn’t mind. There was lots of activity, with many males strutting around and calling. They stayed around until about 7:45am until chased off by Ferruginous Hawks and Prairie Falcons. I also saw a few Sage Thrashers and Sage Sparrows at various locations around Ft. Rock. The rock itself (i.e. the state park) yielded a pair of copulating Prairie Falcons and a third bird seeming to want to angle in on the action.

The final stop of my trip was the north end of the GW Burn east of Sisters. I had to hike the last 1.5mi in because of snow blocking the road. The snow got so deep that I couldn’t really explore the burn much. Single Hairy and Black-backed Woodpeckers were nice to see, nevertheless.

Yesterday had been very windy with lots of snow showers. Not a pleasant day to be out, really. Summer Lake had its fair share of large white birds, but only very few shorebirds. A small flock of Pinyon Jays was at Cabin Lake.

Mountain Bluebirds are not easy to get close to. This female was concerned with a bug on the ground, so I got lucky.


This Sage Thrasher was doing some morning gymnastics …



  1. This looks like it was an awesome way to refresh before the next week!

    I’ll be re-connecting by telephone shortly-


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