Yet another AZ trip (5/20-5/22/2011 – part 2)

While not being the sharpest of all pictures, it does serve the purpose of id’ing some of the more challenging myiarchus flycatchers. This bird can be told from Ash-throated Flycatcher only by bill shape. Also note the bright rufous patch on the outer secondaries, something Dusky-capped doesn’t have. Anyway, this bird was way too big for Dusky-capped. It is a Brown-crested Flycatcher.

Now a Dusky-capped Flycatcher at Pena Blanca Lake …

The Beatty’s CAS site at Miller Canyon had good numbers of the common hummingbirds yet nothing rare. Here a subadult male Broad-tailed.

Not often do you get real close to a raven. This bird was at Escapule Wash near the Charleston Bridge across the San Pedro River. It is not a Chihuahuan which you want to make a raven into at this location.

Upper Carr Canyon is always spectacular. I always seem to struggle there initially, but then with a lot of patience, I am successful. You must know your calls though, here maybe more so than other places. A Greater Pewee came down from his higher perches later in the morning.

I know, this isn’t exactly poster quality … Interestingly, this female was followed by a youngster begging for food. Notice the timing: It is very early for Olive Warbler young to have fledged by mid May.

At the St. David Monestary, the draw is breeding Common Black-Hawks (not this year though) and Mississippi Kite (which I dipped on). Nevertheless, a Tropical King bird should be easy there, right? Nope … I saw one there last year. This is “just” a Western. Look at the size of the bill and the uniformity of the coverts/secondaries.


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