A Malheur trip, part 1 (05/28-05/30/2011)

Rhett Wilkins and I got our first bad surprise of the weekend when we went over Santiam Pass: We had to deal with a good 10mi of snow-covered roads and – heavy snow. It was to be the theme of the trip. Nevertheless, it was fun and many life, state, year and county birds were had among us.

Pinyon Jays were again easy at McKinney Butte Rd & Trinity Way. We also had 3 Green-tailed Towhees at the south end of Cold Springs Cutoff Rd (just north of the campgound).

Sage Thrasher, Sage Sparrow and Ferruginous Hawk were all easily found along 20 between Bend and Burns. This obliging Lark Sparrow was at Chickahominy Reservoir west of Hines.

Many Brewer’s Sparrows, some singing, were along Riley’s Pond.

At the Narrows, Clark’s Grebes are easy …

Also present were many Forster’s Terns and this Long-billed Curlew. We could not find a reported Burrowing Owl. Water levels were very high, so some birds may have been flooded out of their burrows.

Headquarters had good numbers Evening Grosbeaks and Pine Siskins.


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