Snow this and Snowy that (OR, WA, 12/10-11/2011)

A day trip to Ocean Shores, WA, on 12/10 yielded a good assortment of great birds: 6 Rock Sandpipers at the jetty, a Palm Warbler at the Damon Point parking lot, the long-staying female King Eider off Damon Point, my state Blue-gray Gnatcatcher near the Damon Point parking lot as well and then there was the Snowy Owl show at the outer point (I saw 6).

This is the Palm Warbler … There were some photo ops for Snowy Owl, but the masses of birders, hikers and aggressive photographers really turned me off.

On 12/11, I spent the day working on my Multnomah Co list. I found a tight flock of 8 Eared Grebes (!), Surf and White-winged Scoters off Hayden Island, 2 Northern Shrikes at Smith & Bybee and – the highlight – managed to relocated the Snow Bunting at Broughton Beach.




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  1. Great birding, Stefan! Funny enough, I’m most envious of the Palm Warbler (nice photo), a would-be state bird for me in either Oregon or Washington. A lifer King Eider wouldn’t hurt either, I suppose.


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