3 Westmoreland Park gulls (Portland, OR, 02/12/2012)

The best time to check for gulls at Westmorelands is oddly enough a nice weekend afternoon with lots of people feeding the ducks and gulls. A female Eurasian Wigeon was present, but I didn’t get any pictures this time. Yesterday’s brief visit was targeting Thayer’s Gull. We found a nice adult.

And a first cycle bird …

The most interesting gull was this 2nd cycle Nelson’s Gull (Glaucous x Herring Gull) or at least that’s what I believe this is. Please let me know if you think otherwise. The nicely bi-colored bill is reminiscent of a young Glaucous Gull. The iris of the bird was somewhat dusky.

Mill Pond near Lacamas Lake in Camas produced the Tufted Duck. I only obtained documentation quality shots of it, but a long tuft, the bright white flanks and black back make the id real easy.


A brief stop at Captain Clark Park yielded the Red-naped Sapsucker reported earlier.

Overall a great afternoon.



  1. I believe your gull is a hybrid Herring x white-winged gull of some kind; either Glaucous or Glaucous-winged. You are probably correct. The pink-based bill and paler eye at that age would better match both Herring and Glaucous.


  2. I’m not a gull pro, but the bird strikes me as too small and slender to have blood from either of the Glaucous species mixed in. Bill shape and color appear, to me at least, pretty standard for a second-cycle Herring. The primaries are somewhat pale, of course, but its possible this could be an artifact of bleaching/wear. If it didn’t appear so long-legged I would even consider Thayer’s, which would explain the primary color…anyways, I better stop before I get carried away.

    I recently did a gull post myself (complete with weird/frustrating hybrids) if you want to check it out: http://seagullsteve.blogspot.com/2012/02/gulls-gulls-gulls-gulls-gulls.html


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