Merlin! (Baker City, OR, 03/25/12)

This columbarius Merlin wasn’t going anywhere. He quickly lost interest when I started scoping ducks a mere 50ft from him.

Other highlights from Baker Co include oodles of Cassin’s Finches, Red Crossbills and Evening Grosbeaks near Sumpter, lots of waterfowl in the 3 Best Frontage Rd ponds just NE of Baker City (including Barrow’s Goldeneye, Canvasback and Redhead), lingering Northern Shrike, Rough-legged Hawk and American Tree Sparrow (1 at Virtue Flat 0.8mi into Ruckles Creek Rd) and newly arrived Sage Thrashers, Violet-green Swallow and Sandhill Cranes. Still winter over there overall …

Nice to see were several Bighorn Sheep at both Burnt River Canyon west of Durkee and near MP117 of I84 on the way back home.



  1. Absolutely insane photo! Holy cow!!!

    Also, congrats on the Bighorn Sheep! We just saw 20 or 30 on I-84 just east of Biggs. I can’t get over how stout they are. They’re built like Pit Bulls.


  2. What a great photo!Thanks for sharing! If you ever make plans to do some bird watching in the Sumpter Dredge Park, would love to tag along!


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