A short Malheur trip (OR, 5/19-20/2012)

I succeeded to get Green-tailed Towhee and Williamson Sapsucker near Cold Springs CG at a crisp 28F before sunrise on 5/19. The Pinyon Jays were as usual at the “Heavenly Acres” in Sisters.

After that I was off to Hatfield Lakes in Bend. Great spot! I only alotted myself 30min to look for the reported Blackpoll Warbler, and missed it.

Malheur was good as usual even though there were no eastern vagrants around at all. The headquarters had lots of birds on both 5/19 and 5/20, with Hutton’s Vireo, Calliope Hummingbird and Common Nighthawk being the best birds. Fields on the morning of 5/20 was dead. All the usual Malheur birds including Burrowing Owl, Short-eared Owl, Bobolink were present. No Long-eared Owl at Page Springs, neither did I find any Sage Grouse at the Foster Flats lek.

On the way back from Malheur I was lucky to immediately refind the Tennessee Warbler at Sawyer Park in Bend. Here only a record shot.

The remaining Whimbrel performed at Cedar Park School in Beaverton after sunset.


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