Newport area and a Wrentit

A half day trip to the Newport area was successful indeed, yet the drizzle made seawatching very challenging. On the second attempt, after Diana Byrne’s motivational speech, I managed to find 2 Ancient Murrelets in the fog at Boiler Bay. The 2 Tropical Kingbirds, Red-shouldered Hawk and Long-tailed Duck continue at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

The second half of the day I spent in Yamhill Co. My main target was Wrentit which I found near 15400 Dupee Valley Rd. I did not get the Ferruginous Hawk in Paul Sullivan’s hawk field, but saw a total of 3 Rough-legged Hawks. Seeing many Western Bluebirds along Muddy Valley and Dupee Valley Rd was neat.

It was a good day …