Australia (11/11-12/10/2012)

Having almost 2 months off work, I decided to bird a place far way that I’d never been to: Australia. I made 5 stops in the following order: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin and Cairns. Read the details in my trip report at:

A male Australian King Parrot came in real close to investigate.
Among the most common, but also the most colorful is the Rainbow Lorikeet.
Inland from Darwin, the Hooded Parrot is one of the sought-after species. This obliging bird was found in the hamlet of Pine Creek.
The Southern Emu-Wren was my absolute favorite though! But then there also was the Platypus …
I took 1000s of pictures overall, now down to about 300. For each leg, I created 3 folders. Keepers and Ugly are all about birds: Pictures in the Keepers folders are relatively sharp. You get the drift with the Ugly. If I got ANY identifiable picture at all, but it’s not pretty to look at, it’s in the Ugly folders. Pictures of mammals, people, reptiles, insects, … are in the Other folders.



Bramblings and the BC Red-flanked Bluetail (Dec 12/Jan 13)

Last weekend Mike Fleming and I went up to New Westminster, BC, to see the Red-flanked Bluetail. I’m really not comfortable taking pictures in the setting of 100 eager folks standing around all with big lenses, so it’s amazing that I got a shot off at all.


The Brambling in Vancouver proper was easy to see.



This second shot shows the whitish rump and the neat back pattern. Definitely a nice-looking finch! For comparison, I added a Brambling from Spain that I shot late December. The lighting was definitely better, even though it’s not very sharp.