Little Bunting and Spruce Grouse (Joseph, OR, 04/14/13)

My main goal this weekend was to catch a displaying Spruce Grouse at McCully Creek. Ok, I was also going to look (at least for a few minutes) for the Little Bunting in Joseph …

When I arrived in Joseph on 4/13, the Bend guys had already taken position at the feeders in the alley between Lake & College and Joseph & Williams, so I simply joined them and the fancy bunting was soon found. On 4/14, I decided to go back for pictures. Tim Jantzen and I soon relocated the bird and got good looks. I snapped the following pictures …

LittleBunting1 LittleBunting1b

We heard and saw the bird sing several times today. It was hard to discern the song through the cacophony of siskin and goldfinch songs.


The back pattern (at least to a degree) and the back of the head.


This Mountain Bluebird was trying to hold on in the wind along Klages Rd near Joseph.



Btw, I succeeded finding a Spruce Grouse, but it was too dark for good pictures. Access was somewhat difficult because of the snow.



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