One more AZ trip (11/08-11/10/2013)

One last AZ trip this year to cache in on the winter species yielded 102 species. Here the highlights:

  • 35+ Mountain Plovers, 1 Chestnut-collared and TWO McCown’s Longspur at Pretzer & Tweedy in the Santa Cruz Flats. 4 Crested Caracaras were north of Baumgartner & Picacho Blvd.
  • The reliable dagetti Red-breasted Sapsucker at Whitehouse Picnic Area in Madera Canyon
  • The seemingly wintering Louisiana Waterthrush in Tubac
  • Baird’s Sparrow, a White-tailed Kite, more Chestnut-collared and McCown’s Longspur and many Grasshopper Sparrows in the San Rafael Valley
  • A consolation price Black-and-white Warbler at Tumacacori (the Green Kingfisher and Tennessee Warbler did not show for me)
  • A Snow Goose at Amado STP
  • 2 (long-staying) Brown Pelicans at Tempe Town Lake

This trip thankfully pushed me over the 400 mark for the year. :-)



A Grasshopper Sparrow warming itself up at sunrise in the San Rafael Valley.