Young female Williamson’s Sapsucker (09/28/14, Sisters, OR)

I stopped in Sisters this afternoon coming back from Malheur NWR. I easily got my targets: Pinyon Jay, White-headed Woodpecker and Pygmy Nuthatch. While looking through a massive amount of birds on the east side of N Lafollete St (just north of the Railway traffic circle), I came across a pure Red-breasted Sapsucker and this young female Williamson’s Woodpecker. Neither are normally seen in Sisters around the Heavenly Acres.




An AZ trip with no pictures (8/29-9/1/2014)

Yet another superb AZ trip netting:

  • 3 Zone-tailed Hawks¬†(2 at Proctor Rd, 1 over Speedway Blvd in Tucson)
  • Northern Waterthrush (north end of Silverbell Lake in Tucson)
  • Ruddy Ground-Dove (Red Rock feedlot)
  • Juvie Elegant Trogon at Proctor Rd
  • Plain-capped Starthroat (Madera Canyon), Lucifer Hummingbird (Ash Canyon B&B), Violet-crowned Hummingbird (Paton’s, Ramsey Canyon)
  • Singing Cassin’s, Botteri’s, Rufous-winged, Grasshopper, Rufous-crowned, Black-throated Sparrows
  • Lark Buntings at several places
  • Late-ish Thick-billed Kingbird (Patagonia Roadside Area), Buff-breasted FC (Hunter Canyon), Sulphur-bellied FC (8 in Hunter Canyon)
  • 2 Stilt Sandpipers, 1 juvie Short-billed Dowitcher, TKs, Scaled Quail in Willcox
  • Bronzed Cowbirds (Paton’s and Red Rock feedlot)
  • Virginia’s Warbler in with lots of Nashville’s at Hunter Canyon