Storm-birds in Lincoln Co (10/26/2014)

A Boiler Bay seawatch yielded large numbers of birds during the 3 hours of my vigil. Many, many Cassin’s Auklets were a special treat. 2 Sabine’s Gulls, 8 Black-legged Kittiwakes, many Northern Fulmars, a single Pink-footed Shearwater, also many Red Phalaropes and 2 Parasitic Jaegers was my tally. Certainly a fraction of what the experts saw. Seabirds are not my strength …


In Newport near/at the gull puddles, there were 3 Cassin’s Auklets and a Red Phalarope. Another Red Phalarope was seen at the parking lot of the Hatfield MSC parking lot. Aaron Skirvin and I re-found the Tropical Kingbird along SW12th St (44.625740, -124.058842).



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