Some pix from a recent Okanogan trip (12/25-12/28/2014)`

Always a highlight for every trip. This Gyrfalcon posed for me, but I was fumbling with my gear and got what I deserved … As backlit as it can get.



This Snowy Owl was found just 2.5mi north of Waterville. The sun had already set.


While listening to singing Townsend’s Solitaires and watching a smallish flock of Bohemian Waxwings at Palmer Lake, I noticed this Cassin’s Finch.

What bothered me about this bird was the abundant blurry streaking, more reminiscent of Purple Finch (I was shooting for a possible Eastern here). The bird’s back seemed very crisp in the field. What made this a Cassin’s for me are the following (please speak up if you disagree):

  • Eye arcs!
  • Long primary projection
  • Very conical bill (not that visible in the shot below)
  • Crest is behind the eye
  • Crisp streaking on the vent (Eastern Purple doesn’t have that, Western usually does)



This poor shot shows the streaking on the vent.



The bills shows here …


Can you say Gray Partridge? Easily the best looks I ever had of a noisy, almost stationary flock.

096A0344 096A0359 GrayPartridge2


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