Baltimore Oriole (Netarts, OR, 1/11/15)

A wintering Baltimore Oriole is now being seen in Netarts, OR.

BaltimoreOriole10 BaltimoreOriole9 BaltimoreOriole8 BaltimoreOriole7 BaltimoreOriole5 BaltimoreOriole4 BaltimoreOriole3 BaltimoreOriole2 BaltimoreOriole1

Lots of other birds were also in the same yard, like this Varied Thrush.


The Tundra Bean Goose was fairly quickly located as well. This is from Christansen Rd at Nestucca NWR.




A New Year’s Day trip to California (12/31-1/4/2015)

BramblingArcata FalcatedDuck1

Ok, neither is a good shot, but both the Arcata Brambling and the Colusa NWR Falcated Duck were nice birds for the new year.


Forster’s Tern


Greater White-fronted Goose


Probably the star of the show was the Abbott’s Lagoon LeConte’s Sparrow. A 2mi one-way walk to the location was well worth it.

LeContesSparrow2 LeContesSparrow3

I probably wouldn’t have made the trip if it wasn’t for this Rustic Bunting in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

RusticBunting RusticBunting2 RusticBunting2-001

While a little overexposed, this shows some of the rust-colored V on the bunting’s breast.


A Short-eared Owl at around 4pm at the Huichica Creek Unit of the Sonoma-Napa Marshes was a nice get.