A successful North Coast trip (11/15/2015)

Dickcissel and Northern Mockingbird At Bayocean, Common Ground Dove and White-throated Sparrow at Wireless Rd. All capped off by a Palm Warbler at Seaside STP at the end of the day. It was a good day!



Another November AZ weekend (11/6-11/8/2015)

This year’s attempt to see Baird’s Sparrow and my favorite thrasher was a full success: Yes on the Baird’s with good looks before sunrise in the San Rafael Valley. “My” Le Conte’s Thrasher popped up a mere 25ft from me and was calling – nice! Bendire’s Thrasher and Bell’s Sparrow were the supporting cast, all at the Thrasher spot at Baseline & Salome.

Other highlights included 2 Javelinas at the Amado STP, 56 Mountain Plovers at the Evergreen Sod farm on the Santa Cruz flats, the continuing female Blue-throated Hummingbird at the Paton’s, a single Chestnut-collared Longspur at the San Rafael Valley, a total of 4 White-tailed Kites in various grasslands and a late Indigo Bunting also at the Paton’s feeders.

In Ajo, I easily found the female Purple Finch and Rufous-backed Robin at Gibson Neighborhood Park.


A robin alright. Check the streaked throat, not a field mark for American.


Yes, Rufous-backed Robin.


This Prairie Falcon stuck for me.


A young Horned Lark from the Sonoita Grasslands.


I was surprised to find 3 Harris’s Hawks around Sells on the long drive from Ajo back to Tucson.


Many Caracaras (i.e. at least 12) were in the fields north of the Baumgartner & Wheeler farm on the Santa Cruz flats.


This Bobcat was from Sweetwater wetlands. The Abert’s Towhee below as well.