Christmas in the Okanogan 2015

As usual, I spent X-mas in the Okanogan. I love the solitude over X-mas. No people, great birding, never hard to get a motel everywhere you want with no reservation.

There was lots of snow and it was cold which bodes well for great birding.

CommonRedpoll GrayCrownedRosyFinch

Common Redpoll and Gray-crowned Rosy-finches were present in good numbers.


Saw a total of 8 Northern Pygmy-Owls (6 in the highlands).


This Northern Sawwhet-Owl was moderately interested in me.

PineGrosbeak1 PineGrosbeak2 PineGrosbeak3 PineGrosbeak4

The Pine Grosbeak show took place in the town of Republic. I pretty much didn’t see any birds anywhere outside of town.


Now, where is the front and where is the back of this Porcupine???


I normally don’t spend a lot of time getting pix of Roughies. This one stuck though; they often don’t.


Mood shot from the Waterville Plateau …


White-winged Crossbills are ALWAYS a highlight! Love ’em!!!



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