Just a Red-tailed Hawk (Gilliam Co, OR, some time in March 2016) – Yeah right, read the comments

[This was my initial posting. Read the comments if you want the resolution …]

When I saw this hawk from the back, I started to be interested …


Not a Roughie … Bill is not big enough for Ferruginous, so what is it?


Just a Red-tail with a very light tail. Markings are too heavy for Krider’s or Fuerte’s,


Newport Glaucous Gull (Lincoln Co, OR, 03/12/16)

I missed pretty much all my targets that weekend. That said, I was hardly birding. Just not feeling well these days.


This 1st-cycle Glaucous Gull was at the gull puddle. It was enormous, well outside of barrovianus. I’m thinking palladissimus, probably.


A Harlequin Duck roosting nearby.

Another interesting gull was this guy: Looks like a 1st-cycle bird (also doesn’t seem to have rounded primaries yet). The primaries are maybe a little too dark to suggest Nelson’s Gull (Glaucous x Herring), so this may just be a Herring.


A good day on the Santa Cruz flats (Pinal Co, AZ, 02/27/16)

While Ferruginous Hawks and Mountain Plovers seemed to have left, a single Sprague’s Pipit, many McCown’s Longspurs and lots of Lark Buntings are still around.


A Burrowing Owl near Pretzer & Tweedy, guarding the burrow.



It’s always a pleasure to see Lark Buntings, especially when they are molting into their fancy plumage.

LouisianaWaterthrush \


The Louisiana Waterthrush at Sacso Rd & Santa Cruz River is still around. Eagle-eyed Ken Blankenship re-found the bird immediately and got me on it. These pictures look pretty crummy, but are in fact mindbogglingly amazing as I was some 30yds away and the contrast was bad.