Just a Red-tailed Hawk (Gilliam Co, OR, some time in March 2016) – Yeah right, read the comments

[This was my initial posting. Read the comments if you want the resolution …]

When I saw this hawk from the back, I started to be interested …


Not a Roughie … Bill is not big enough for Ferruginous, so what is it?


Just a Red-tail with a very light tail. Markings are too heavy for Krider’s or Fuerte’s,



  1. Hi Stefan,

    I’m not so sure it’s “just a Red-tailed” — the tarsus look awfully feathered and I don’t see any patagial markings. I’d lean towards Ferruginous.


    1. I agree with David. Also, the “gape” extends ‘way back under the eye, which is consistent with the Ferruginous. Nice photos!!


  2. Thanks for bringing this up, David. It got me thinking again … While I do seem to see something that could pass for patagial markings, you are right about the dark trousers!!! There is no Red-tail that I have seen this with. Jon, your comment about the gape is something I had not known before. It looks to be diagnostic for Ferruginous.

    The breast band is not something I had seen with a Ferruginous before. Barring yes, but closer to the feet. And also isolated barring in the flanks. Yet, there are examples on the web.

    It sure does look like this bird is a Ferruginous Hawk. Thanks for opening my eyes.


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