Closing out San Benito and Merced Co (04/02-03/2016)

In my effort to get to 100 species for each county in CA, I found myself in San Benito and Merced Co this last weekend. I succeeded. Safely. Overall, I finished with 137 species.

My favorite spots were Lone Tree Rd northeast of Hollister in San Benito Co and Basalt CG of San Luis Reservoir in Merced Co. Here some impressions …



Many Bullock’s Orioles were conspicuous …


Basalt CG hosted not only Western, but also Cassin’s Kingbirds


Grasshopper Sparrows are always a personal highlight of mine!!! 2 singers were at the first crest (where I turned around, maybe there are more?) of Lone Tree Rd NE of Hollister.


Several Yellow-billed Magpies were in the closed-0ff portion of Basalt CG in Merced Co.


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