Arizona again – A long monsoon trip with a lot of spare time

With a lot of time at hand, I drove down to AZ (that’s 20 hours to Phoenix from Portland one way!) to indulge during the monsoon season. It was great to go slow, talk to people, not be on a tight schedule, camp out and take pictures.

Trip report (skimpy this time):




This Red-faced Warbler is from upper Miller Canyon


This Rufous-capped Warbler was cooperative in Hunter Canyon


A family of Tufted Flycatchers stuck in upper Ramsey Canyon


A Virginia’s Warbler from Miller Canyon. I often ignore this bird on my weekend trips.



  1. Beautiful shots Stefan. I have not birded SE Arizona for almost 40 years. Planning a trip in late December and maybe another next summer. Did not not take photos then but saw many of the specialties then. Hope to get photos this time and add some of the ones missed then. Rufous Capped Warbler is high on the list. Don’t stop posting on Tweeters.


  2. Great post I’m going there next month so appreciate this and makes me look forward to my trip and what I’ll see! Great photos!


  3. Keep on posting, please. For the sake of people who’ve been and those who hope to go.
    Thanks, Alan Roedell, Seattle


  4. Hi Stefan,
    It’s val! Great meeting you, hope you got some other good birds on the trip and had a safe drive back !


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