Emperor Goose on Sauvie Island (10/26/2016)

Don Coggswell and I found an Emperor Goose this soggy morning on Sauvie Island at around 10:30am. This bird was with a Cackler off Reader Rd near the Reader store, roughly here: 45.710527, -122.775506. These pictures were phone-scoped with my iPhone 6.



Author: birdmeister

Obsessed with birding, I started taking a pictures in '01 after a brief personalized intro by the incomparable David LaPuma. In July '09, I acquired a Canon EOS 50D with a 100-400mm IS lens to be able to shoot the fast-moving lbjs that were so difficult before. In Dec '14, I upgraded my body to a Canon 7D Mark II and immediately noticed a big improvement. Nevertheless, I'm first and foremost a birder, then a photographer. Please note that all pictures on this site were taken by birdmeister (the owner of this site) except for where otherwise mentioned. All pictures on this site are copyrighted.

5 thoughts on “Emperor Goose on Sauvie Island (10/26/2016)”

  1. Wow congrats you two on your fantastic find! We had a few up here a few years ago (2009) really want to see another please send him north when you are done with him!

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