A Harpy Eagle trip to Panama (11/20-11/27/2016)

I finally was able to do this after thinking about the Harpy Eagle for years. The experience did not disappoint: It was a long day trip from the Canopy Camp where we got up at 4am, took the van for about 9omin, then went on a 3 hr boat ride and finally hiked about 45min to get to the nest. We got excellent looks including fabulous photo ops.

Harpy Eagle near Sinai

Harpy Eagle near Sinai

Perched (!) King Vulture at Aligandi

Perched (!) King Vulture at Aligandi

Sapphire-throated Hummingbird at Torti

Sapphire-throated Hummingbird at Torti

Spot-breasted Woodpecker at Aligandi

Spot-breasted Woodpecker at Aligandi

A brief trip report with species list is here.

Pictures are here.




  1. The Happy Eagle looks ominous. I would not like to meet that eagle up close. Loved the hummer and the woodpecker. Maybe I am inclined to like the avian friendly.


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