2018 WOS trip to Okanogan/Douglas Co

Randy Hill and I lead a 3-day WOS trip to Okanogan/Douglas Co this last weekend. The birding was good, better than the last 2 years, with good numbers and several sightings of most targets. Sunday brought decent viewing conditions on the Waterville Plateau, but the winds from the upcoming storm were howling.

Friday, 1/19: Cameron Lake Rd, Bridgeport SP, Waterville Plateau

Golden Eagle (2 along Cameron Lake Rd)
White-headed Woodpecker (2 along Cameron Lake Rd)
Pygmy Nuthatch (a few along Cameron Lake Rd)
Snow Bunting (over 400 in several flocks including one very large one along and off Cameron Lake Rd; a few mixed in on the Waterville Plateau)
Gyrfalcon (1 seen several times along Cameron Lake Rd)
Merlin (1 along Cameron Lake Rd)
Bohemian Waxwing (30 at the “weigh station” at 17 & 97)
Northern Sawwhet-Owl (3 at Bridgeport State Park)
American Tree Sparrow (several along Heritage Rd)
Gray Partridge (4 along 172 just east of Mansfield)
Sharp-tailed Grouse (1 well-seen perched up bird at Upper area of Foster Creek along Bridgeport Hill Rd)

Saturday, 1/20: Okanogan Highlands

Snow Bunting (~400 along Hungry Hollow Rd)
Gray-crowned Rosy-finch (~100 along Hungry Hollow Rd)
Clark’s Nutcracker (4 along Hungry Hollow Rd)
Gray Partridge (small numbers on the 2 farms uphill from Havillah, several out in the open along Hungry Hollow Rd)
Barred Owl (1 along Mary Ann Creek Rd)
Ruffed Grouse (2 along Bolster Rd, 1 along Mary Ann Ck Rd)
Pine Grosbeak (16 in Chesaw, 4 more along Bolster Rd may have been part of the original group)
Common Redpoll (30 in Chesaw)
Chukar (50 along Fancher Rd late in the day)

Also a Long-tailed Weasel with prey along Mary Ann Ck Rd. We were stopped to look at a Ruffed Grouse when the weasel had just caught a rodent right next to the grouse.

Sunday, 1/21: Brewster, Bridgeport Bar, Waterville Plateau

Red-necked Grebe (2 in Okanogan, 1 in Douglas Co, viewed in Brewster at the airplane)
American Tree Sparrow (at least 4 at Bridgeport Bar)
Sharp-tailed Grouse (6 at Lower Area of Foster Creek along Bridgeport Hill Rd)
Snow Bunting (25 on Rd H in 2 different flocks)
Gray Partridge (7 in open field on Rd H)
Common Redpoll (5 in Horned Lark flock just north of Withrow)
Bohemian Waxwing (30 in Withrow)

We searched unsuccessfully for Snowy Owl.

Stefan Schlick
Hillsboro, OR


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