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Obsessed with birding, I started taking a pictures in '01 after a brief personalized intro by the incomparable David LaPuma. In July '09, I acquired a Canon EOS 50D with a 100-400mm IS lens to be able to shoot the fast-moving lbjs that were so difficult before. In Dec '14, I upgraded my body to a Canon 7D Mark II and immediately noticed a big improvement. Nevertheless, I'm first and foremost a birder, then a photographer. Please note that all pictures on this site were taken by birdmeister (the owner of this site) except for where otherwise mentioned. All pictures on this site are copyrighted.

Alberta trip (5/30-6/6/2017)

Just back from a fabulous week-long trip to eastern Alberta. I found 172 species, with almost all of the prairie and eastern songbird species to be expected.

Canada Warbler

Chestnut-collared Longspur

Connecticut Warbler along Primrose Lake Rd near Cold Lake

Philadelphia Vireo

Trip report:

Pictures (only about 20):