Yet another AZ trip (01/10-12/2014)

On my the 3rd attempt, I finally succeeded getting my ABA Sinaloa Wren at Tubac. The bird near its presumed nest site at the powerline cut about 0.5mi south of the Tubac DeAnza trailhead (or about the same distance north of Clark Crossing). Other highlights include Black-chinned Sparrow, Elegant Trogon and 3-4 Rufous-capped Warblers at Florida Canyon. The rest of the trip (including Patagonia and the San Rafael Valley) was rather anemic, but lots of year (and therefore beer birds) were had.

2 well-seen Bobcats were the non-avian highlight in Patagonia.


That’s all I could muster. Several birds were constantly visible from the “video-camera-oak-grove” a few hundred yards above the dam. That doesn’t mean that you are going to get good shots though …


Embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t get a better shot of a pretty close bobcat along Blue Haven Rd in Patagonia.


Of course, Vermilion Flycatcher are quite a bit more cooperating …


And one of the Reid Park Western Bluebirds is as well … I missed the Pine Warbler. And here the rest of the pretty sorry bunch: A Black-chinned Sparrow to the left, and a female Elegant Trogon to the right …

BlackChinnedSparrow   ElegantTrogon

Nevertheless, it was fun …