Another AZ trip (05/08–5/10/2015)


Arizona Woodpecker

BrownCrestedFC1   BrownCrestedFC2 BrownCrestedFC3

Brown-crested Flycatcher at St. David


Gila Woodpecker at the Paton’s feeder

gnatcatcher1 gnatcatcher2

An interesting gnatcatcher from Proctor Rd. I was pretty sure initially that it is a Black-capped, but am now not so sure any more. Undertail graduation is not easily determined, with the mess of molting feathers. Wait, if it’s molting now, does it have to be a Black-capped as Blue-gray would be nesting later (if at all at this location) or be a migrant? The black line above the eye extends significantly behind the eye. Is the bill large enough for Black-capped?


Grace’s Warbler


Greater Pewee at Carr Canyon


Olive Warbler at Carr Canyon



Painted Redstart at Carr Canyon


Phaino at St. David


Red-faced Warbler at Carr Canyon (ok, not so great a shot …)


Summer Tanager at the Paton’s


Thick-billed Kingbird at the Patagonia Roadside Area


Townsend’s Warbler at Carr Canyon (one of many ..)


Vermilion Flycatcher



A juvenile Zone-tailed Hawk from Rio Rico. An adult Zone-tailed was also present there mid afternoon.


TX migration (4/23-4/27/15)

After waiting for 4 long years, I finally indulged again to experience the spectacle of spring migration around High Island. 22 species of warbler (including several Golden-wingeds and a female Cerulean) were seen, plus Black-billed Cuckoo and Philly Vireo. The Anahuac rail walk was a bust this time around, probably due to the threatening storm which was keeping the rails quiet. Nice shorebirds included White-rumped Sandpiper and Hudsonian Godwit, yet I failed to turn up an Upland Sandpiper. The Big Thicket performed, as usual, with the highlights being Swainson’s Warbler, oodles of Mississippi Kites, Bachman’s Sparrow and Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

The full report is here:

I was not really able to take any pictures as the pace was too high … So, here’s just a few crappy ones …

BTGreenWarbler GoldenWingedWarbler GreatCrestedFC MagnoliaWarbler RubyThroatedHummingbird