A nice day around Tucson (04/16/16)

I had a day to play around Tucson, so I decided to do Catalina State Park in the morning and then work my way up Mt Lemmon. The wind started kicking in and by the time I finished the area was unbirdeable.


This Buff-breasted Flycatcher was one of a pair I found in Rose Canyon.


A stately Canyon Towhee at Catalina SP


Costa’s Hummingbird at Catalina SP


Grace’s Warbler at Middle Bear

GreaterPewee GreaterPewee2

Greater Pewee at Rose Canyon


Hutton’s Vireo, also Rose Canyon


I had to work hard to get this shot of a male Olive Warbler at Rose Canyon

RufousWingedSparrow RufousWingedSparrow4

Rufous-winged Sparrows at Catalina SP


An oblivious Yellow-eyed Junco near Summerhaven


Finally, 2 days later near V Bar V (Sedona), a Common Black Hawk made a couple of appearances. Nice!


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